Dot Dash V2

Today I’m releasing an update to Dot Dash. It introduces a lot of improvements, tweaks, and new features. Here’s a full list of changes:

  • Added music! The music will speed up as your score increases.
  • Added orange dots! Orange dots will explode when shot, killing enemies in a radius around them. The player is not damaged by the explosion.
  • Added score pips! A little +1 will appear when killing enemies, and a +10 will appear when collecting a coin.
  • Added the option to change your laser colour.
  • Increased rate of fire of laser and adjusted speed scaling.
  • Increased rate of spawn of dots and adjusted spawn rate scaling.
  • Changed the lives icon.
  • Made shooting feel snappier.

You can play Dot Dash in your browser, or download it for Windows and Mac here:

Dot Dash V2

Quadbots Version 0.5


The game is now close to the finish line, here’s a list of features since we last updated:

  • Added ‘Canyon’ map.
  • Fixed scoreboard.
  • Renamed tesla to taser.
  • Decreased size and hitbox of Death Ray.
  • UI adjustments and fixes.
  • Fix for flamethrower and shotgun particle collisions.
  • Increase shotgun range.
  • Minor muzzle flash effect changes.
  • Changed physics timestamp to 0.01 (this may be reverted for performance reasons).
  • Changed the reticle to look cooler.
  • Many many many bug fixes, both big and small.
  • Fix for flamethrower.
  • Added functionality to volume slider.
  • Adjustments to ammo counter to add clarity.
  • Adjustments to health and boost bar colours.
  • Adjustments to damage buff particle effect.
Quadbots Version 0.5

Quadbots Version 0.3.3


After a brief hiatus in development, we’re back at it with some features:

  • Debris physics modifications.
  • Menu now has a blank background when on the lowest graphics setting.
  • Bug fixes for matrix.
  • Added key controls for arrow keys.
  • Added pause menu.
  • Can now adjust camera effect settings.
  • Added skin selection and team selection upon joining a server.
  • Added game timer and score.
  • Players now drop a weapon token upon death.
  • Added FFA and Teams modes.
Quadbots Version 0.3.3

Quadbots Version 0.3.2

  • Added damage buff
  • Added passive boost recharge
  • Fixes for particle effects e.g. tesla muzzle flash
  • Floating pillars in matrix now sync position across the network
  • Weapon switching with q/e or scroll wheel
  • Fix for shotgun and flamethrower damage
  • New and improved animations for rail beams, tesla beams, death rays
  • Added name tags floating above players
  • Weapon damage balances
  • Super secret stuff.
Quadbots Version 0.3.2

Quadbots Version 0.3.1

  • Added working weapon pickups
  • Tweaks and balances for weapons:
    • Increased damage of buster, minigun, flamethrower.
    • Railgun now shoots a bigger beam which is a deep blue
    • Tesla now shoots smaller beams which are cyan
    • Adjusted colour of railgun and tesla particle effects
    • Added muzzle flash and bullethit for spartan
    • New audio for spartan
  • Added boost
  • Added more realistic quadcopter movement to players, movement is smoother and acceleration is not instant.
Quadbots Version 0.3.1

Quadbots Version 0.3


  • Reverted particle effects because I changed my mind.
  • Added main menu and HUD.
  • Added proper health, bullet collisions, death.
  • Fix for spawning.
  • Added camera effects which can be changed in settings.
  • All weapons are now functional.
  • More weapon tweaks.
  • Fug bixes.
Quadbots Version 0.3