Quadbots Version 0.3.2

  • Added damage buff
  • Added passive boost recharge
  • Fixes for particle effects e.g. tesla muzzle flash
  • Floating pillars in matrix now sync position across the network
  • Weapon switching with q/e or scroll wheel
  • Fix for shotgun and flamethrower damage
  • New and improved animations for rail beams, tesla beams, death rays
  • Added name tags floating above players
  • Weapon damage balances
  • Super secret stuff.
Quadbots Version 0.3.2

Quadbots Version 0.3.1

  • Added working weapon pickups
  • Tweaks and balances for weapons:
    • Increased damage of buster, minigun, flamethrower.
    • Railgun now shoots a bigger beam which is a deep blue
    • Tesla now shoots smaller beams which are cyan
    • Adjusted colour of railgun and tesla particle effects
    • Added muzzle flash and bullethit for spartan
    • New audio for spartan
  • Added boost
  • Added more realistic quadcopter movement to players, movement is smoother and acceleration is not instant.
Quadbots Version 0.3.1

Quadbots Version 0.3


  • Reverted particle effects because I changed my mind.
  • Added main menu and HUD.
  • Added proper health, bullet collisions, death.
  • Fix for spawning.
  • Added camera effects which can be changed in settings.
  • All weapons are now functional.
  • More weapon tweaks.
  • Fug bixes.
Quadbots Version 0.3

Quadbots Version


  • Added network functionality for many guns.
  • Adjusted rocket shooting.
  • Added extra buildings to Theatre maps.
  • Added spawn locations for team matches.
  • Colour adjustments to Matrix map.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Major bugs introduced.
  • Particle effect adjustments to increase performance.
Quadbots Version

Quadbots Version

  • Placed pickups in Warehouse.
  • Placed mystery boxes in all maps.
  • Adjusted particle effects for fireworks and flamethrower.
  • Added new logo and banner to player.
  • First steps to the new networking system:
    • Added spawning
    • Random skin upon joining
    • Added player names
    • Added shooting for buster, minigun, railgun, shotgun, tesla, rockets
  • Rocket explosions now reflect the colour of the projectile.
  • Minor player controller fixes.
  • Added base for museum map.
Quadbots Version