Quadbots Version 0.5


The game is now close to the finish line, here’s a list of features since we last updated:

  • Added ‘Canyon’ map.
  • Fixed scoreboard.
  • Renamed tesla to taser.
  • Decreased size and hitbox of Death Ray.
  • UI adjustments and fixes.
  • Fix for flamethrower and shotgun particle collisions.
  • Increase shotgun range.
  • Minor muzzle flash effect changes.
  • Changed physics timestamp to 0.01 (this may be reverted for performance reasons).
  • Changed the reticle to look cooler.
  • Many many many bug fixes, both big and small.
  • Fix for flamethrower.
  • Added functionality to volume slider.
  • Adjustments to ammo counter to add clarity.
  • Adjustments to health and boost bar colours.
  • Adjustments to damage buff particle effect.
Quadbots Version 0.5