Quadbots Version 0.5.1


  • Fixed a bug that was causing syncing errors for destructible geometry.
  • Physics optimisations to improve performance.
  • The aiming sights will no longer slant up and down with the player.
  • You can now look up and down.
  • Reversed direction of weapon scrolling.
  • Minor UI fixes.
  • Changed all particle effects to use dots instead of cubes/squares.
  • Chair stacks are now destructible.
  • Added ‘instagib’ and ‘random weapon’ game modes.
  • Modified movement physics in order to be smoother and less buggy.
  • Added LAN functionality.
  • Lights in Theatre(Night) will not be turned on on lowest graphic settings.
  • Added a boosting effect when boosting.
  • Sound effects are now synced across clients.
  • Players are now invincible for a short time after spawning.
  • Added random weapon pickups to Canyon (because I forgot to put them in before).


  • Added Pagoda!
Quadbots Version 0.5.1