Quadbots Version 0.9.3

  • Many particle changes.
  • Music in the menu is now affected by volume setting.
  • All the player skins have been overhauled from scratch.
  • The Quadbot model and debris has been modified to be more efficient and optimised. It now uses a lot less tris.
  • Flamethrower now has noise and trails
Quadbots Version 0.9.3

Quadbots Version

  • Fixed a bug with random weapon pickups not despawning.
  • Smoothened control system.
  • Aimguides now disappear after death.
  • Adjustments to death particle effects.
  • Made token and pickup lights much stronger.
  • Fixed a bug where the wagon debris had colliders after destruction.
  • Adjustments to Canyon, moved rocks and added speedboosts to each base.
Quadbots Version

Quadbots Version 0.9.2

  • Lots of map changes:
    • Minor map and pickup adjustments to Matrix.
    • Minor map and pickup adjustments to Warehouse.
    • Minor pickup adjustments to Canyon.
    • Minor pickup adjustments to Pagoda.
    • Minor map and pickup adjustments to Glasshouse.
    • Minor pickup adjustments to Castle.
  • The above map adjustments were mostly to do with balancing and tweaking gameplay of the maps. Pickup placement was refined and balanced. Some maps had geometry changes that made for more interesting design and gameplay options, while being easier to remember and understand.
  • Added menu music.
Quadbots Version 0.9.2

Quadbots Version 0.9.1

  • Lots of particle effect adjustments to make everything look better.
  • Increased particles on boost.
  • Firework trail particles now linger after the rocket has exploded.
  • Added a particle explosion on death.
  • Adjusted values for ambient occlusion.
  • Made forcefield more obviously visible.
  • Fixed invisible walls at the BP.
  • Made palettes explodier.
  • Made palette stacks all explode at once to prevent weird stuff.
  • Added palette stacks and destructible wagon to castle.
  • Revamped shotgun blast effect: has more particles, and explodes on collision to feel more impactful.
  • Shotgun now fires slightly upwards.
  • Adjusted flamethrower particles
Quadbots Version 0.9.1

Quadbots Version 0.7


We’re so close to finishing! Basically just some more polish, bugfixing and testing to do and Quadbots will finally be done.

Changes since the last update:

  • Added the 8th and final map, Castle!
  • Adjusted colours of pickups
  • Bug fixes
  • Camera moves to the overhead shot after a game
  • Changed the name of Theatre maps to Church
  • Improvements to input smoothness and responsiveness
  • Added pages to the “join room” screen. Now supports up to 96 rooms
  • Added controller support
  • Decreased intensity of lights on pickups
  • Player names are now the colour of their team
Quadbots Version 0.7

Quadbots Version 0.5.2


  • Added new and improved menu to join a room.
  • Added a shield to show player invincibility upon spawning.
  • Decreased spawn invincibility to 3 seconds from 5 seconds.
  • Decreased size and duration of death ray.
  • Decreased attack speed of death ray.
  • Modifications to increase size of Pagoda.
  • A new match will begin when a match finishes.
  • Increased amount of boost.
  • Increased vertical look sensitivity.
  • Increased flamethrower ammo.
  • Increased base movement speed.
  • Added counters that show how many players are in a team before selecting.
  • Shrunk size of chairs.
  • Other minor fixes and tweaks.


  • Added Glasshouse!
Quadbots Version 0.5.2

Quadbots Version 0.5.1


  • Fixed a bug that was causing syncing errors for destructible geometry.
  • Physics optimisations to improve performance.
  • The aiming sights will no longer slant up and down with the player.
  • You can now look up and down.
  • Reversed direction of weapon scrolling.
  • Minor UI fixes.
  • Changed all particle effects to use dots instead of cubes/squares.
  • Chair stacks are now destructible.
  • Added ‘instagib’ and ‘random weapon’ game modes.
  • Modified movement physics in order to be smoother and less buggy.
  • Added LAN functionality.
  • Lights in Theatre(Night) will not be turned on on lowest graphic settings.
  • Added a boosting effect when boosting.
  • Sound effects are now synced across clients.
  • Players are now invincible for a short time after spawning.
  • Added random weapon pickups to Canyon (because I forgot to put them in before).


  • Added Pagoda!
Quadbots Version 0.5.1