Dot Dash V2

Today I’m releasing an update to Dot Dash. It introduces a lot of improvements, tweaks, and new features. Here’s a full list of changes:

  • Added music! The music will speed up as your score increases.
  • Added orange dots! Orange dots will explode when shot, killing enemies in a radius around them. The player is not damaged by the explosion.
  • Added score pips! A little +1 will appear when killing enemies, and a +10 will appear when collecting a coin.
  • Added the option to change your laser colour.
  • Increased rate of fire of laser and adjusted speed scaling.
  • Increased rate of spawn of dots and adjusted spawn rate scaling.
  • Changed the lives icon.
  • Made shooting feel snappier.

You can play Dot Dash in your browser, or download it for Windows and Mac here:

Dot Dash V2

Dot Dash released!


Dot Dash has been released on! It is available to play in your browser, or to download on Windows and Mac.

In Dot Dash, you must survive for as long as possible while dodging and shooting an oncoming horde of dots. The higher your score, the faster you shoot.

Check it out for free here.

Dot Dash released!

Quadbots Version 0.5


The game is now close to the finish line, here’s a list of features since we last updated:

  • Added ‘Canyon’ map.
  • Fixed scoreboard.
  • Renamed tesla to taser.
  • Decreased size and hitbox of Death Ray.
  • UI adjustments and fixes.
  • Fix for flamethrower and shotgun particle collisions.
  • Increase shotgun range.
  • Minor muzzle flash effect changes.
  • Changed physics timestamp to 0.01 (this may be reverted for performance reasons).
  • Changed the reticle to look cooler.
  • Many many many bug fixes, both big and small.
  • Fix for flamethrower.
  • Added functionality to volume slider.
  • Adjustments to ammo counter to add clarity.
  • Adjustments to health and boost bar colours.
  • Adjustments to damage buff particle effect.
Quadbots Version 0.5

Quadbots Version 0.3.3


After a brief hiatus in development, we’re back at it with some features:

  • Debris physics modifications.
  • Menu now has a blank background when on the lowest graphics setting.
  • Bug fixes for matrix.
  • Added key controls for arrow keys.
  • Added pause menu.
  • Can now adjust camera effect settings.
  • Added skin selection and team selection upon joining a server.
  • Added game timer and score.
  • Players now drop a weapon token upon death.
  • Added FFA and Teams modes.
Quadbots Version 0.3.3

Quadbots Version 0.3.2

  • Added damage buff
  • Added passive boost recharge
  • Fixes for particle effects e.g. tesla muzzle flash
  • Floating pillars in matrix now sync position across the network
  • Weapon switching with q/e or scroll wheel
  • Fix for shotgun and flamethrower damage
  • New and improved animations for rail beams, tesla beams, death rays
  • Added name tags floating above players
  • Weapon damage balances
  • Super secret stuff.
Quadbots Version 0.3.2

Quadbots Version 0.3.1

  • Added working weapon pickups
  • Tweaks and balances for weapons:
    • Increased damage of buster, minigun, flamethrower.
    • Railgun now shoots a bigger beam which is a deep blue
    • Tesla now shoots smaller beams which are cyan
    • Adjusted colour of railgun and tesla particle effects
    • Added muzzle flash and bullethit for spartan
    • New audio for spartan
  • Added boost
  • Added more realistic quadcopter movement to players, movement is smoother and acceleration is not instant.
Quadbots Version 0.3.1

Quadbots Version 0.3


  • Reverted particle effects because I changed my mind.
  • Added main menu and HUD.
  • Added proper health, bullet collisions, death.
  • Fix for spawning.
  • Added camera effects which can be changed in settings.
  • All weapons are now functional.
  • More weapon tweaks.
  • Fug bixes.
Quadbots Version 0.3